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.... Just interesting stuff for sale ....


NEW *Sept 18. Rare in Australia. Tony Lama lizard skin and leather cowboy boots. USA ladies' size 6 1/2B. Absolutely as new condition.

Price $260 (GST does not apply) Postage is additional.

NEW *Sept 18. Lapis lazuli beaded necklace, hand-knotted. Length 52cm. Weight 35gms. 9ct gold fittings. NEW, ex store stock.

Price $50 (GST does not apply) Postage is additional.

New *Sept 18. Natural ruby beaded necklace, graduated beads. Length 54cms. Weight 90gms. 9 ct gold fittings. NEW, ex store stock.

Price $65 (GST does not apply) Postage additional.


and there is still some ALPACA stuff ....



Private sessions to train or to help you to learn how to train your own animals may be arranged. Simply by understanding some basics of alpaca psychology you can reduce and/or eliminate problems from your animal handling and training regime.

Handling and training demonstrations may be held at the Arcadian Alpacas' property from time to time. 

Enquiries welcome.


A good range of well-skirted, clean fleeces is offered for handspinning and felting. The fleeces we offer to handspinners are selected for their length, cleanliness and excellent handle. Many colours are available including various shades of grey and rose grey. Please contact Denise for details of fleeces currently available or to reserve something specific. At Arcadian we shear in late October most years, so the best selection of fleece is available in November and December.


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